In a world constantly influenced by “the next big thing,” fashion is becoming a threat to the environment. The term fast fashion refers to the apparel industry’s constant output of non-sustainably made clothing items and the constant consumption of those items. This body of work aims to create a conversation about the ways in which we consume fashion, both visually and as buying consumers. The imagery is sourced from popular fashion magazines, scanned, and collaged with other found imagery that plays on the waste that results from fast fashion. Using the collage technique was important in creating a playful, youthful tone to contrast the serious undertones. We are most influenced by fast fashion as young adults and teens, a time when there is seemingly always a competition for the newest, shiniest, trendiest wardrobe. The collage style is reminiscent of that time period, and it also lends itself to the fashion editorial style. By using editorial visual language, I am aiming to make even the darker undertones seem fashionable—playing on the idea that anything can be sold or branded to a consumer as cool with the right photographic and digital skills.