To Utility and Beyond

If you're at all interested in the fascinating world of fashion and social media trends, you're probably familiar with the fun new take on utilitarian and industrial style that's taken over. From capsule collections to makeshift interpretations based on what's already in your closet, here's what's happening with this trend.

Masculine influences on women's fashion are nothing new. While femininity is an ever-changing term with infinite flexibility, there is a history associated with trends in fashion that create a kind of empowerment based on the gender those influences reference. When women first started wearing pants, it was controversial. Over time, it become just another staple in our closets. Even so, I still find a sleek pantsuit to be a total power move. It's empowering in the same way a great pair of heels are, but there's also an added element of confidence because of the gender play we are socially accustomed to. While none of us need a suit to be confident, it's surprisingly thrilling to play in one because we associate them with "meaning business." It's all the glamor of running a fortune 500 company without the stress.

Enter the workman's jumpsuit. From Urban Outfitters to INSPRNY's collection with mega influencer Tezza, these simple yet structural suits are everywhere.

I'm wearing BDG's Rosie Utility Jumpsuit in yellow. I happened to snag this one at 50% off a few weeks ago, but retailing for a cool $99 means this is a trend you're going to have to invest in. Are the practical uses of a tailored jumpsuit something you can get your money's worth from? Normally, jumpsuits are meant to be covered in paint, dirt, and just about anything else you'd have a hard time getting out with a single wash cycle.

Glossier employee in millennial pink jumpsuit uniform.

Even Glossier is embracing this trend in their pop-up shops uniforms. These definitely aren't meant to get dirty, but it adds to the experience of the pop-up because it contributes a minimal, deconstructed undertone to the store.

If you're hesitant to spend that much on a jumpsuit, here's some food for thought. When I first tried it on, I couldn't help but feel 10000% cooler. It's effortless, and gives off the perfect "I don't care/clearly I care" vibe. I got so many compliments on it because it's such a fresh take. It's perfectly wearable and because it's a suit, you can spend more time accessorizing and less time matching a top with a bottom. It feels flirty and badass at the same time. Paired with chunky sneakers or a sparkly boot, it's a go-to you can put as much or as little effort into as you'd like and still get a killer result.

Are you into it? What reservations do you have? What colors are you dying to add to your closet?