I'm a senior at Louisiana State University studying photography and digital art with a concentration in animation. Coming to college with an interest in fine art and a background in community theater, I knew I wanted to explore visual arts and storytelling. I decided to major in the animation track with sights set on a Pixar-esque path, but I quickly found myself gravitating towards cinematography and the photographic narrative. 


While studying fine art at school, I took a job as a graphic designer at local start-up Woolly Threads at the beginning of my sophomore year. In the two years I've been with the company, I've graduated from junior creative to media curator and brand partnership manager. My role includes day-to-day social media responsibilities, copywriting, website management and updates, email marketing, and in-house photo and video production. I've learned as a team member working at a start-up company that everyone plays various roles and it's as thrilling as it is challenging. It's been a wild, very rewarding ride.


My personal style is a mixture of classical art, renaissance romanticism, and contemporary minimalism. I have a passion for old-school cinema and behind-the-scenes production. My favorite projects are those that take a team to tackle--using minimal resources and relying on creativity and collaboration to take center stage.